The Impossibility of Loving Prince While Hating Queerness

Natasha Thomas-Jackson

Today, the world is mourning the passing of a legend.

And as is the case with all cultural icons, the grief is being felt in all corners, by people of all races, ethnicities, economic classes, gender expressions, etc. There is no doubt that his Purple Majesty touched people all over this world.

For me, Prince was confirmation of the heights one could reach when they weren’t afraid…to be different. Non-conforming. Confusing. Questionable. Nuanced. Hard to understand. Hard to explain. Though I was deeply appreciative of his musical genius, Prince was more of a psychopomp for me, a guide through some of my a shining example of how to obtain the deepest form of liberation: being your damn self.

But as the world collectively grieves and the memes, songs, and videos flood my timeline, it does not escape me that there are some people currently praising Prince and his progressiveness while harboring…

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